Survey on Nuclear Fusion Industry in China

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Survey on Nuclear Fusion Industry in China

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (38 pages)

Report contents:In recent years, the field of nuclear fusion has been attracting attention as an ultimate clean energy for future decarbonization, with the total amount of investment in fusion companies worldwide reaching 6.21 billion US dollars in 2022. This trend is also evident in China, where in addition to state-run research institutes that have traditionally continued nuclear fusion development, such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, many private start-up companies have recently appeared. Aiming for early social implementation of fusion technology, these private companies are mainly developing small, low-cost, spherical tokamak-type fusion devices, which are different from conventional large-scale tokamak-type fusion devices. This report provides a close-up of the history of fusion technology development in China, as well as the latest trends in fusion development projects, and summarizes major technology companies, key component suppliers, value chains, and investment development trends.


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Table of Contents


Part 1 Overview of Fusion Reaction 
- Brief History of Nuclear Fusion Energy
- Nuclear Fusion Roadmap
- Fusion Reaction Overview
- Tokamak Device
- Fusion Reaction Mechanism
- Bottleneck of commercialization 
Part 2 ITER Project
- Construction Engineering
- Key Components
Part 3 Chinese Fusion Industry
- National lab: ASIPP
- National lab: SWIP
- Chinese Fusion Industry Supply Chain
- Global Fusion Investment Trend
- Private Fusion Companies in China
- Startorus
- Energy Singularity