Episode 4: Where is green hydrogen heading in China?

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Episode 4: Where is green hydrogen heading in China?

Podcast contents: Green hydrogen, as regarded by many experts, is the ultimate energy for a green society. It works as a storage medium to store surplus wind and PV resources caused by fluctuation. But how sustainable is it now? In this episode, we will discuss its current scenarios in China, the obstacles hindering commercialization and potential solutions to reduce costs in the future. 


Enjoy this episode! (recorded in September, 2023) 



Highlight from this Episode:


- 0:55 Introduction of different types of hydrogens


- 2:32 Why do we need green hydrogen despite having abundant wind and PV resources?


- 3:47 Current obstacles of green hydrogen in China


- 7:08 How is the government and the industry trying to cope with the mismatch problem?


-10:47 Potential solutions to make green hydrogen more economic compatible






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