EV Charging in China

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【EV Charging in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (81 pages)

Report contentsThe EV charging pile industry development is a few years behind EV industry. China’s EV market started to prosper since 2013 and gradually matured since 2018, while the charging pile infrastructure embraced fast development in 2015. It’s expected to mature in the coming years. The report explains the situation of deployment of EV charging, including the analysis of policies and charging standard like GB/T and ChaoJi while touching upon with the global situation with some statistic data. Plus, the report analyzes new emerging charging modes like Plug and Charge, Smart Chaging, and V2G. Last not but least, it eplains the current status of electric truck and battery swap station for it in China. 


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Table of Contents

Part 1 Overview
-Global EV Stock Statistics
-Development Timeline
-Types of charging piles
-Charging pile statistics
-Charging pile statistics – major operator statistics
-Charging fees
-Geographic distribution
-Industry value chain of charging piles
Part 2 Policy of EV Charging in China
-Development policies
-Development policies – EV charging
-Subsidies for EV charging pile construction
Part 3 Standards in Globe and China
Part 3-1 Overview of Charging Standards
-Overview of standards distribution in the world
-Global industry standards
-CharIN vs CHAdeMO
Part 3-2 Standards in U.S. and Europe
-Overview of North America
-Competition in North America
-Overview of Europe
Part 3-3 Standards in China
 -Charging standards
 -GB/T 2015+ vs ChaoJi
 -China-Japan cooperation work: ChaoJi standard
 -ChaoJi pilot projects overview
 -ChaoJi test project by Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
-Alliance Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi
Part 4 Charging Operation Models
Part 4-1 Overview of Charging Models
 -Vehicle-Grid Integration trend
 -Key values in Vehicle-Grid Integration
-Charging infrastructure blueprint in China
Part 4-2 Key Charging Models
-Plug & Charge (即插即充)
-Smart Charging
-Swapping station
-Case: Swapping station into VPP
-PV-storage-charging integrated model
-Newest: Photovoltaic self-consumption System with V2G chargers
-V2MG as potential energy model
Part 4-3 Charging Software
-V2G platform by State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company
-Smart Charging on eChargeNet
-V2G on eChargeNet
Part 5 Charging / Swapping for Electric Trucks
Part 5-1 General Status
-Overview of NEV trucks in China
-Overview of heavy-duty electric trucks
-Landscape of swapping solution
-Competition landscape of electric trucks
Part 5-2 Application Scenarios
-Truck types by application scenarios
-Four major categories of heavy-duty electric trucks
-Geographic distribution
-Charging-based e-truck for logistics
-Application scenario: battery-swapping e-truck
-Charging / swapping in Vehicle-Grid-Integration
Part 5-3 Swapping Station Operation
-Three types of operators
-Three swapping technical modes for heavy-duty trucks
-Policy timeline in electric trucks
-V2G demo projects in China