Episode 3: Will FCEV win the battle against EV?

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Episode 3: Will FCEV win the battle against EV?

Podcast contents: FCEV, which is the vehicle powered by hydrogen, is rising as a competitor for EV. As EV has been complained about its short driving range and long charging time, many believed that FCEV can be a better choice for long distance driving. In this episode, we will dive into FCEV's potential vs EV in the commercial vehicle sector (e.g., heavy duty trucks). And talk about FCEV's advantages, current obstacles and application scenarios at the present stage in China. Towards the end of the podcast, we briefly introduced FCEV's potential competitor - battery swapping technology. 


Enjoy this episode! (recorded in September, 2023) 



Highlight from this Episode:


- 0:45 Will FCEV win against EV in China?


- 2:29 FCEV's advantages in commercial vehicle sector. Why cant EV just dominate the commercial sector as well?


- 6:05 Will FCEV dominates city buses and light duty trucks as well?


- 7:24 Current obstcales that FCEV faces in China now


- 13:30 Where is FCEV been mostly applied now? Give one example of the fixed route scenario.


-15:35 Future prospects of FCEV. Will EV be able to catch up with FCEV in heavy duty trucking? (Introduce battery swapping)





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