Episode 2: China's VPP: Is it a good bet?

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Episode 2: China's VPP: Is it a good bet?

Podcast contents: In the need to utilize more demand-side resources, VPP is considered one of the popular solutions to solve power balance issue. To encourage VPP industry, China has opened up several market opportunities for VPPs, including ancillary services market and spot market. This indicates the marketization phase of VPP has taken off. In this episode, we discuss how does VPP projects earn money now? How to monetize VPP? What are the chances for foreign players? And how will China's large EV economy play in VPP's development? 


Check out this episode! (recoded in August, 2023) 



Highlight from this Episode:


- 1:00 What is virtual power plant (VPP)?


- 2:10 Is VPP overpromoted now?


- 5:10 How does VPP projects make money now? How to monetize in the future?


- 7:45 What are the opportunities for foreign players in the Chinese VPP market?


- 9:57 Can foreign players become VPP operator?


-11:00 What kind of role will V2G play in China's VPP development?





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