Chinese AI Players

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【Chinese AI Players】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (68 pages)

Report contents: AI has been applied to many industry applications including the new energy sector, like VPP, EMS, and forecast software. The report summarizes AI development in China, focusing on AI player's analysis with policicy analysis and statistical data. It breaks down their strategy in AI field, including BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) and other key players like Bytedance.


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Table of Contents

Part 1. Overview

-Global comparison: AI market status
-Global comparison: private investment
-Global comparison: patents
-Introduction: China’s AI industrial chain structure
-Timeline of AI development in China
-Private investment in China
-Geographic landscape in China
-Appendix: patent applicants in China
-Appendix: global comparison: peer-reviewed publications
-Appendix: partnership between university and enterprise

Part 2. Major Players in China


Part 2-1. BAT in AI Industry

-BAT’s strategic focus analysis based patent application
-BAT’s strategic focus analysis based on investment areas
-Baidu’s core business and market position
-All in AI with two major focus: automotive and smart device
-Alibaba’s core business and market position
-AI in cloud to provide Infrastructure as a Service
-Tencent’s core business and market position
-Make AI everywhere in its current business

Part 2-2. Key Players in AI Industry

-Full-stack solution and full scenario application
-Market overview of computer vision solution providers
-CV‘s future is still not clear and companies are taking different approaches
-Growth from sales and M&A

Moves towards upstream and empowers everything

-Focus on commercialization in specific vertical
-From one end(software algorithm) to the other(integrated solution)
-Market status of voice recognition
-To B + To C, platform + vertical
-Market overview of internet company and their advertisement business
-Develop company as product accumulates
-Wuhan 3Dforce technology

Part 3. Start-ups in AI Industry

-Synyi AI