5G Development in China

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【5G Development in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (36 pages)

Report contents5G is the key fundamental layer to support smart grid, VPP and EMS devlopment these days. 5G network operators have played key roles to develop 5G cell towers in China. The report explains the current develpment status of 5G in China, key national policies, and regional situation with statistical data. Last, not but least, it analyzes network operators' strategies to deploy 5G cell towers, like China Mobile, China Telecom, and China Unicom.


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Table of Contents

Part 1. Statistical Overview

-Global industry status
-China’s positioning in the globe
-Market share by smart phone vendors
-5G Terminal status:  subscribers
-Distribution of 5G cell tower
-Local 5G integration potential
-5G cell phones

Part 2. 5G Policies in China

-Timetable for China’s 5G development
-Policy Overview
-The 13th and 14th five-year plan
-Made in China 2025 and related Technology Roadmap
-"5G+Industrial Internet" 512 Project Promotion Program
-Notice on Accelerating the Development of 5G
-Local 5G policies: infrastructure status
-Simplified administration structure of 5G telecommunications


Part 3. Network Operators in China

-5G industry value chain in China
-5G industry value chain in China
-Market share of 5G carriers
-5G mobile subscription amount
-Deployment performance
-Spectrum allocation and partnership
-Partnership: China Telecom + China Unicom
-Partnership: China Mobile + China Broadcasting Network
-Deployment strategy: SA and NSA
-Deployment strategy: 5G NSA mode roll-out process
-Deployment strategy: Other options of SA and NSA
-Deployment strategy of each player
-Appendix: China Mobile
-Appendix: China Telecom
-Appendix: China Telecom

-Appendix: China Broadcasting Network