Blockchain in China

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【Blockchain in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (47 pages)

Report contents: Blockchain is one of the vital digital infrastructures and applications in the coming digital era, which can support lots of digital technologies, like metaverse, NFT, etc. How does China plan to use blockchain? The report analyses the related policies, institutions, and key players' initiatives like BAT with statistical data.


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Table of Contents

Part 1 Blockchain Policies in China

-Timeline of blockchain policies in China: Phase 
-Timeline of blockchain policies in China: Phase 
-Key area for blockchain policy-making
-China’s Blockchain Parks
-Blockchain use cases in local governments

Part 2 Three Types of Blockchains in China

-Three types: public, consortium and private
-Public Blockchain
-Consortium Blockchains
-Infrastructure Development Platform
-Blockchain-based Service Network: a global project
-FISCO BCOS: the biggest open-source consortium chain in China

Part 3 Key organizations in China

-Contribution of Universities, Research Institutions, and Industry Associations
-Universities with blockchain lab 
-Key Research institutions 
-Key industry associations 

Part4 Major Players in China

-Overview of blockchain in China
-Major Chinese blockchain enterprises
-Baidu Xuper Blockchain’s BaaS
-Ant Group 
-Tencent’s TrustSQL-based TBaaS
-JD Digits
-JD Chain and JD Digits Blockchain
-PingAn Fintech: OneConnect
-FiMAXFiMAX BNaaS: from infrastructure to BaaS 
-Huawei Cloud Technology

-Huawei’s Blockchain Services (BCS)

-Key Chinese blockchain startups
-Wanxiang Blockchain
-Qulian Technology

Part 5 Global Partnerships

-Key partnerships 
-China COSCO Shipping Lines: Contactless Logistics
-Walmart’s Food-Safety Traceability Pilot in China
-Ping An’s Outlook for Global Blockchain Financial Ecosystem