VPP/EMS Industry in China

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【VPP/EMS Industry in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (53 pages)

Report contents: As renewable energy penetrates China, Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is becoming important for the power balance and the stability of the central grid. At the same time, Energy Management System (EMS) also becomes the key equipment to decarbonize business activities in China. Thus, VPP and EMS can provide business opportunities for some related software and hardware suppliers and ESCOs. The report analyzes and summarizes opportunities and prospects of the VPP and EMS industry while introducing key projects in China.


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Table of Contents

Part 1. China’s DR/VPP Industry Overview

Part 1-1. VPP Industry Overview

-China’s VPP value chain overview
-China’s VPP value chain


Part 1-2. Comparison of Domestic and Overseas Products

-Key areas where overseas players can target
-Comparison of domesticABB and Hitachi Energy smart sensors
-Comparison of domesticABB and Hitachi Energy smart sensors
-Comparison of domestic and Hitachi Energy VPP control systems

Part 1-3. Overseas Participants in Chinas VPP Project

-Key stakeholders in VPP
-Distribution of major VPP projects in China
-Reasons for choosing to work with ABB
-Jibei Grid VPP pilot project
-Reasons for choosing to work with Hitachi Energy
-Shenzhen Power Supply Bureau’s first automated VPP project
-Zhejiang Huaneng VPP project
-Hitachi Energy Generation Management System (GMS)
-Appendix: VPP projects in China


Part 1-4. VPP Market Outlook

-VPP project implementation process

-VPP market outlook


Part 2. EMS Industry in China

Part 2-1. Overview of EMS Industry in China

-2 Ways EMS helps to save energy costs
-Factory Energy Management System (FEMS)
-Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
-Home Energy Management System (HEMS)
-China Energy Management System Value Chain
-China’s EMS value chain
-Key stakeholders in EMS


Part 2-2. Comparison of Domestic and Overseas Products

-Key areas where overseas players can target
-Acquisition and control equipment & system
-Acquisition and control equipment system – PLC
-Acquisition and control equipment & system High voltage VFDs

Part 2-3. Overseas Participants in China’s EMS Projects

-Qilianshan Cement EMS project


Part 2-4. EMS Market Outlook

-EMS project implementation process
-EMS market outlook