2022 Stationary Fuel Cell Market in China

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2022 Stationary Fuel Cell Market in China

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (44 pages)

Report contents: China’s recently-issued hydrogen policy - Medium and Long-term Plan for the Development of Hydrogen Energy (2021-2035) sets the basic tone of hydrogen energy till 2035, highlighting the stationary fuel cell application and market during the 14th Five-Year Plan.The hydrogen storage and stationary fuel cell market would witness growing market potential as the plan explicitly promotes its use in power management, CHP, distributed power generation, and backup power supply etc. Business opportunities have already emerged in projects of microgrids, industrial parks, or hydrogen communities. Also, the uptake of renewable energy is expected to bring huge market demands for power management and hydrogen storage soon.This report introduces the details of the latest policies and roadmaps of the Chinese central and local governments for stationary fuel cells, and introduces major players and representative demonstration operations of stationary fuel cells along with case examples. Finally, we will explain future market segments and major key stakeholder trends for stationary fuel cells in China.


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Table of Contents


Part 1 Policies, support policies, regulations  P2
- Central Policies
- Roadmap policy
- National R&D direction and National Key Programs (NKPs)
- Summary of local SFC policies
- Microgrid and Power Management
- Industry standards
- National Key Projects
Part 2 Stationary FC Supply Chain  P16
- Supply chain overview and future outlook
Part 3 Trends of Major Players  P19
- Segment analysis
- Trends of Major Players in terms of Policy and Industry
- Major players and applications
   - Huade Hydrogen
   - Weichai Power
   - Osaka Gas/Panasonic/ Doosan
   - Guizhou Hydrogen Efficiency Energy Technology
   - Horizon
   - More Hydrogen Energy
   - Kohodo Hydrogen Energy
   - Yuqing Power
   - Troowin
   - Convion
   - Dongfang Electric
   - Mingtian Hydrogen Energy
   - Stationary FC New Players
Part 4 Outlook of Stationary Fuel Cell Market  P37
- Analysis framework: policy, demand, and supply side
- Demand side Key stakeholders
- Supply side Key stakeholders