Emissions Trading Scheme in China

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【Emissions Trading Scheme in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (91 pages) 

Report contents: The report summarizes information about Emissions Trading Scheme (Carbon Emission Trade). It covers national emissions trading scheme (ETS), which has been operated since 2021, and pilot provincial ETS, which has been launched before. It explains related national policies and key regulations, including those for CCER project. Also, it introduces other voluntary carbon credits, MRV, and carbon disclosure framework. 


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Table of Contents


Part 1. Overview  P.3

-Overview of key concepts
-Overview of scope 1 & 2 & 3 emissions
-China is committed to achieve Carbon Neutral by 2060
-CO2 emissions sources


Part 2. Carbon Neutral Policy in China  P.8

-Overall timeline and key goals to reach carbon peak and carbon neutral 
-Main implementation measures to achieve carbon neutrality
-Supporting measures to achieve carbon neutrality
-Position of policy instruments
-Policy instruments

Part 3. Emissions Trading Scheme in China  P.14

Part 3-1. National Emissions Trading Scheme  P.15

-Development phases of the national emissions trading scheme
-Transaction status quo of the national ETS
-National ETS administration structure
-Primary market
-Primary market: CEA allocation methodology
-Secondary market
-Secondary market: CEA transaction methods
-National ETS timeline
-National ETS transaction procedure
-Prospects of national ETS
-Geographic location of KEE


Part 3-2. Pilot Emissions Trading Schemes  P.27

-Pilot ETS
-Transaction status quo of pilot ETS
-Comparison of pilot ETS
-Key requirements for voluntary participants

-Appendix: CEA transaction volume in pilot ETS from 2014 to 2020


Part 4. Voluntary Carbon Credit Programs  P.41



Part 4-1. Certified Emission Reduction (CER)  P.43

-CER issuance in China
-CDM application procedure


Part 4-2. Chinese Certified Emission Reduction (CCER)  P.47

-CCER project eligibility
-CCER application procedure
-CCER project methodologies 
-CCER case study: Toyota Tsusho China
-CCER case study: Guangdong Changlong Forest carbon sink project
-CCER case study: carbon future framework agreement
-CCER case study: Shenergy Group
-Carbon neutral certificate
-Local program: BFCER/PHCER/FFCER


Part 4-3. Verified Carbon Standard (VCS)  P.59

-VCS Mechanisms
-VCU issuance eligibility
-VCU issuance process
-Major buyers of VCU issued by projects located in China
-VCS case study: Shell
-VCS case study: TotalEnergies
-VCS case study: Ocean Carbon Sink


Part 4-4. The Gold Standard (GS)  P.69

-GS case study: Interface

Part 4-5. American Carbon Registry (ACR)  P.72



Part5. Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification (MRV)  P.74

-Simplified MRV flow in national ETS

-Monitoring & Reporting (M&R) procedure in national ETS

-GHG emission quantification methods

-Calculation-based method

-Carbon management software: Carbonstop

-Carbon management software: EnOSTM


-Value chain player

-Appendix: Third-party validation/verification institution

-Appendix: Qualified CCER third-party validation/verification institution


Part.6 Carbon Disclosure Framework  P.87


-CDP scoring

-CDP reporting software & consultancy service provider