Green Factory in China and its actions for Carbon Neutrality

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【Green Factory in China and its actions for Carbon Neutrality】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (28 pages) 

Report contents: Chinese government has set a goal of establishing a green manufacturing system by 2020. Along with this initiative, the industry is introducing clean energy such as renewable energy and efficient energy management systems to the factories in order to meet the energy-related requirements of green factories in China. Typical solutions include rooftop solar power, energy management systems, and distributed CHP to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions in factories. This report introduces the green factory system in China and analyzes the its latest trends in carbon neutrality actions.


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Table of Contents


Part 1. Green Factory Qualification 
Stakeholders in Green Factory system
Application process
Green Factory: Evaluation System
Green Factory: Indicator Framework
Green Factory: Assessment Format
Green Factory: Assessment Requirements
Green Industrial Parks: Evaluation System
Green Industrial Parks: Indicator Framework
Part 2. Key Solutions for Green Factory
Key Actions for Green Factory
Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality
Key Action to Carbon Neutral Factory
-Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality: EMS for factories
-Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality: Distributed Generation
-Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality: Clean Energies
-Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality: Storage system
-Key Solution to Carbon Neutrality: Microgrid