Demand Response, VPP, and V2G in China

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【Demand Response, VPP, and V2G in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (58 pages) 

Report contents: The report summarizes information about demand side management measures, focusing on Demand Response (DR), Virtual Power Plant (VPP), and Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) in China. It explains related national policies and key regulations with Ancillary Service mechanism. Also, it introduces and annalyzes several projects of DR, VPP, and V2G in China, with introduction of key players in their value chain.


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Table of Contents


Part 1. Demand Response  P.2

-DSM Platform
-Overview of major demand response project
-Hebei Grid demand response
-Hebei Grid demand response of industrial load
-Shanghai demand response with charging devices
-China’s first blockchain and 5G-based demand response pilot


Part 2. Virtual Power Plant (VPP)  P.16

-The development stage in China
-Five major trends behind VPP development in China
-Workflow of invitation mode VPP
-Workflow of real-time mode VPP
-Ancillary services market mechanism
-Overview of VPP projects in China
-VPP project list
-Industry structure
-HuiFengXi Smart Energy Town VPP Project
-Jibei State Grid VPP Pilot Project
-CSG’s First Automatic VPP Project
-Follow-up after CSG’s First Automatic VPP Project

Part 3. Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G)  P.38

-Forecast of power consumption amount by EV

-V2G-related policies in China

-V2G demo projects

-Industry chain

-State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company

-eChargeNet by State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company

-V2G charging station management system by State Grid Electric Vehicle Service Company

-Smart IoV platform under State Grid

-BMS software for Evs

-Two-way power controllers for EV charging pile

-Integrated Adoption of New Energy Vehicles in China (Shanghai)

-Renji Plaza V2G

-Vehicle-Grid Interaction Demo Project in Baoding GWM Industrial Park