Smart Grid & Integrated Energy Services in China

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【Smart Grid & Integrated Energy Services in China

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (33 pages) 

Report contents: The report summarizes information about Smart Grid development, especially related policies and Integrated Energy Services (IES) in China. It explains the IES business concept developed by State Grid in detail and introduces key IES projects in China with players such as Sungrow.


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Table of Contents


Part 1. Smart Grid  P2

-Definition by China’s NEA
-The first voice of ‘Smart Grid’ by State Grid
-Key policy: Opinions on Accelerating the Construction of Strong Smart Grid
-Key policy: 12th FYP - Industrialization Project for Major Science and Technology in Smart Grids
-Key policy: Guidance on Promoting the Development of Smart Grids
-Focus shift: from ’Robust Smart Grid’ to ‘Ubiquitous Electric Internet of Things’
-Recent policies about Smart Grid
-Latest national projects in 2021

Part 2. Integrated Energy Services  P.13

-Overview of policies
-South Grid direction
-Market growth
-Categories in the mainstream
-Overview of IES by grid companies
-8 business models of State Grid IES
-Demand-side IES by State Grid IES
-Green State Grid IES Open Platform

Part 3. IES projects in China  P.22

-Industrial park IES project example: Shanghai Electric Machinery 
-Hospital IES project example: overview
-Hospital IES project example: EMC contract fees
-IES SaaS service example: CIEMS 城市智慧能源管控系统

Part 4. Key players in IES  P.31

-Sungrow (阳光电源)

-GCL Energy Technology (协鑫能科)