PV Power Generation Industry in China

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【PV Power Generation Industry in China

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (20 pages) 

Report contents: The report summarizes information about the PV power generation industry in China. It explains trends of technology development, like solar cells including PERC, TOPCon, HJT, and application scenario, such as BIPV, and analyzes key market players, including Jinko Solar, in China.


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Table of Contents


Part I. Market Overview  P.2

-PV installation in China and the globe 
-Installed amount of centralized and distributed PV / Cost trend of PV panel
-Competitive landscape of international PV panel players


Part II. Industry Trends in China  P.6

-Existing technology of solar cell
-Trends of new technology development
-Trends of application scenario

Part III. Market Players in China  P.10

-Overview of market players
-Longi 隆基股份
-Trina Solar 天合光能
-JA solar 晶澳太阳能
-Jinko Solar 晶科太阳能
-Risen 东方日升
-Overseas expansion of major PV players
-Global production base of 5 players
-Future movement of market player