Wind Power Generation Industry in China

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Wind Power Generation Industry in China

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (24 pages)

Report contents: The report summarizes information about the wind power generation industry in China. It explains trends of technology development, like offshore wind power, and application scenario, such as smart wind power, and analyzes key market players, including Envision, in China.


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Table of Contents


Part I. Market Overview  P.2

-Market share by type and country
-Global and domestic key wind turbine makers

Part II. Industry Trends in China  P.5

-Floating offshore wind power and vertical-axis wind turbine
-Bladeless wind and airborne wind turbine
-Trends of application scenarios Part.1
-Trends of application scenarios Part.2
-Trends of application scenarios Part.3

Part III. Market Players in China  P.11

-Overview of domestic market players
-Goldwind 金风科技
-Envision 远景能源
-Mingyang Smart Energy 明阳智能
-Shanghai Electric 上海电气
-CSSC 中国海装
-Oversea expansion: major oversea projects
-Oversea expansion: R&D centers

Part IV. Future Trend  P.20

-Energy storage
-Appendix: why is offshore wind necessary ?
-Appendix: China’s wind speed distribution map