FCEV Operators in China

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【FCEV Operators in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (18 pages) 

Report contentsThe FCEV logistics operation business in China emerged in 2017, with the establishment of STNE and its astonishing news of immediately deploying 500 Dongfeng FC light-duty trucks in Shanghai. Now after almost 5 years, only few players joined this market and the current market size remains small and unprofitable. This article will explore the current situation and business model of the 3 major FCEV operators in China.


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Table of Contents


Part 1 Major FCEV Operators

- Timeline of the 3 operators   
- Company overview  
-General information
-CEO/Chairman’s introduction
-FCEV in operation
- FCEV logistics service structures   
- Case study  
-Money flow structure
-Potential shortage of cash flow
- 4 types of business activities   


Part 2 TCO Estimation Analysis

- 9T light-duty truck scenario