2021 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry in China

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【2021 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry in China】

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (about 200 pages) 

Report contents:

 We have released the "2021 version" of our report "Latest Trend of China Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Industry" which is the best popular report among our publication every year. It covers the latest data of FCEV population and numbers of hydrogen refueling station, Detail analysis and comprehensive introduction of latest model city cluster project which covers goals and project of each model cluster city plans, and details of participating companies in the hydrogen energy value chain.
The report covers the details of hot topics such as the latest trend of higher rated power of fuel cells, the trend of domestic production of key components of fuel cell, and demonstration operation of large commercial vehicle applications. The current level of Chinese domestic technology for each fuel cell core component is also analyzed by visual graph, comparing it with overseas technology quantitatively. We also analyzed the cost of fuel cells and future prospects. New emerging application segment such as stationary fuel cell CHP system, fuel cell testing equipments, fuel cell manufacturing equipments etc. has also been added from this year's edition.

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Table of Contents


Part 1 Overview
-Snapshot of China’s Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Industry
-China is Catching Up with Toyota Mirai in 2021
-Component Development Trend
Part 2 Central & Local Government Policies
-Policy guidance across the commercialization process
-Two main forces: NEV and Low-carbon development
-R&D programs: 863, 973, and National Key R&D Programs (NKPs)
-Roadmap of Energy-saving and New Energy Vehicle Technology
-Roadmap of Innovation Action Plan of Energy Technology Revolution (2016–2030)
-Subsidy based on City-cluster Demonstration: FCEV Promotion, Key Components, and Hydrogen Supply
-Standard: Fuel Cell, FCEV, and other Applications
-Local government policies
-City-cluster overview: Jing-Jin-Ji city-cluster, Shanghai city-cluster. Guangdong city-cluster
-Local policies other regions: Sichuan, Chongqing, Hubei, Hunan
-Players and industrial foundations
Part 3 Fuel Cell Applications in China
-FCEVs trend overview
-Market - FCEV majorly in commercial segment
-Policy - Newly released subsidy favors large/heavy-duty commercial vehicles
-Policy - FCEV Roadmap towards higher power and mileages
-Large/heavy-duty commercial vehicles
-2021 vehicle models aligned with subsidy policies
-2020 VS. 2021 Comparison
-Application Scenarios complement BEVs
-Large Fuel Cell Buses
-Player overview
-Performance: towards higher rated power and mileages
-Heavy-duty Fuel Cell Trucks
-Player Overview
-Application Scenario #1: Public Service – Sanitation
-Application Scenario #1: Public Service - Urban Construction
-Application Scenario #2: Enclosed Area – Mines
-Application Scenario #2: Enclosed Area - Harbors and Industrial Parks
-Application Scenario #3: Medium/Long Distance Transportation
-Requirements for fuel cell heavy-duty trucks
-Component's performance: fuel cell system
-Component's performance: hydrogen storage tank
-On-board Hydrogen Storage
-Type Ⅲ hydrogen storage cylinder
-Type Ⅳ hydrogen storage cylinder
-Industry updates, 70MPa & liquid hydrogen update
-Requirements for fuel cell heavy-duty trucks
-Component's performance: fuel cell system
-Component's performance: hydrogen storage tank
-Vehicle operations
-Passenger vehicles: SAIC Moto, Great Wall Motor, Strategic Analysis
-Stationary fuel cell application and others
-Stationary fuel cell: application scenarios and case study
-Rail, forklift, and ship
-Hydrogen industrial parks
Part 4 Fuel Cell Components in China
-Fuel cell system
-Fuel cell stack
-Bipolar plates
-Air compressor
-Hydrogen circulation system
* Tech trend, market trend, players are analyzed for each component.
-Foreign Players in China : Ballard Power Systems
Part 5 Hydrogen Refueling Stations
-HRS is witnessing rapid growth in China
-Compressor, storage system and dispenser are three core equipment
-Current hydrogen manufacturing and transportation method
-Sinopec’s HRS planning
Part 6 Total Cost of Ownership of  HDTs
-Purchase cost and energy cost for heavy-duty trucks
-Current status with subsidies and future trend
-Fuel cell system and hydrogen storage system
-TCO for buses, logistics trucks, and heavy-trucks (w/o subsidies)
-Cost breakdown of hydrogen refueling stations
Part 7 Testing equipment
-Market overview 
-Fuel cell testing market equipment coverage in China
-Fuel cell testing equipment demand forecast
-Market competition level by testing segment
-Competitors and corresponding clients  in automotive fuel cell  and stationary fuel cell market
-Standard breakdown & comparison (China vs. International)
-Market pain point and potential solutions
-Major market players
-Technical movement of fuel cell testing market
-Overview of fuel cell testing system in China
-Cyclic voltammetry (CV)
-Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
-Galvanostatic charge method (GSC)
-Technological development trend insight
Part 8 Manufacturing equipment
-Development process breakdown of MEA
-Coating technique comparison
-Lamination technique
-Stack development technique
-Coating technique and annual production capacity of MEA producers
-Product portfolio of equipment suppliers
-Development goal of MEA, bipolar plate and stack
Part 9 Finance
-New updates in 2021: continuous growing trend in stack/system and hydrogen production
-Major investments in FC and the hydrogen supply chain industry in 2021
-Establishment of funds
Part 10 Related organizations
-National administration
-Domestic industry alliance
-International organizations