Market Research of Energy Management System (EMS) Industry in China (2021)

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Market Research of Energy Management System (EMS) Industry in China (2021)  


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Report contents:

China's government has continued strict energy targets (e.g. energy density) since 2006, with  the target of energy density reduction decreasing from 20% in 11th FYP(five-year plan) to 13.5% in 14th FYP. Since the industrials has been an all-time high sector in energy consumption in China, EMS (Energy Management System) can be an optimal solution to enhance energy efficiency. The EMS is software, together with the relevant hardware, that can be classified into FEMS, BEMS and HEMS by target users. It can be highly customized with functions depending on the specific customers and scenarios. For instance, FEMS tends to be integrated to PLC (Programmable Logic Controllers) and MES interface, so that operators can manually/automatically control production line, etc., while BEMS or HEMS focus more on optimization of building or household appliances. This report introduces the EMS product mechanism, the policy analysis, and market trends of the EMS industry.

Survey period: From May 2021~Aug 2021


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Table of Contents


Part 1. Overview 
-Energy intensity reduction in every five year
-Energy consumption split by sector
-GHG emission by sector
-EMS ecology
-EMS type comparison
-Factory Energy Management System (FEMS)
-Building Energy Management System (BEMS)
-Household Energy Management System (HEMS)
Part 2. EMS-Related Policies in China  
-Overview of national policies
-12th , 13th  and 14th Five Year Plan
-Work plans for 12th , 13th  and 14th Five Year Plan
-Major Energy-Consuming Entities
-Requirement for Online Monitoring System
-Overview of Supporting Policies for FEMS
-Requirements of Green Factory
-Available Local Subsidy Involving FEMS
-Supporting Policies for BEMS
-Available Local Subsidy Supporting Green Building
Part 3. EMS market in China  
-EMS’s thriving growth
-Value chain of EMS
-Target customers of FEMS
-Target customers of BEMS
-Target customers of HEMS
-Technology pathway driven by potential market demand
-FEMS in different industry
-FEMS key player: Acrel
-BEMS key player: Persagy
HEMS key player: Inspur

Part 4. Business Model  
-EMC market driven by ESCOs
-General concept of EMC model
-Comparison between EMC model and direct sales model
-Seven major modes of ESCOs in China
-Shared-savings model
-Guaranteed savings model
-Energy cost trusteeship model
-PPP-based models: BT/BOT
-PPP-based models: BOT/BOOT/BTO
-Company types of ESCOs
-Case studies of ESCO in China
-12th , 13th  and 14th Five Year Plan
-Work Plan of 12th and 13th Five-Year Plan
-Public-Private Partnership (PPP)