Fuel Cell Large Commercial Vehicles in China (2021)

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Fuel Cell Large Commercial Vehicles in China (2021) 】


Deliverable: Industry report PDF (25 pages) 

Report contents: 

Although hydrogen fuel cell is just starting to compete against batteries as a clean powertrain, its potential in heavy-duty segment is widely acknowledged in the industry. Triggered by subsidy policies, China has witnessed an overwhelming force of fuel cell heavy-duty trucks (HDTs) from 2020 onwards.With a focus on HDTs, this report highlight latest large Fuel Cell commercial vehicles market trend summarized from relevant projects and concludes with an assessment of important issues yet to overcome.


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Table of Contents
-Large/Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles
-FCEV Trend Overview
-Market Performance
-Policy Context
-FCEV Projection
-Large/Heavy-duty Commercial Vehicles
-FCEV Performance
-Application Scenarios complement BEVs
-Large Fuel Cell Buses
-Player Overview
-Performance towards higher rated power and mileages
-Heavy-duty Fuel Cell Trucks
-Player Overview
-Application Scenario #1: Public Service
-Urban Construction
-Application Scenario #2: Enclosed Area
-Industrial Parks
-Application Scenario #3: Medium/Long Distance Transportation
-Issues #1 Technology
-Requirements for Fuel Cell Heavy-duty Trucks
-Components Performance: Fuel Cell System
-Components Performance: Hydrogen Storage Tank
-Issues #2 Cost
-TCO of heavy-duty Truck: Current Stage & Future Trend
-Cost Reduction: Fuel Cell System
-Cost Reduction: Hydrogen Storage Tank