Recycle in China

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【Recycle in China】


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Report contents: 

We have released an analysis report of recycle policy and system in China.It includes the specific policies related to recycle of WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) , power battery, and life waste as well as related statistic data..

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Table of Contents
Part 1 Overview of recycle in China  
-Timeline of major recycling policies in China
-Three key five-year plans since 2011
-Three key laws and policies on the Circular Economy
-Simplified administration structure of The Circular Economy
-Classification of renewable resources
-Trend of Recovery value in China
Part 2 Recycle of electrical and electronic equipment  
-Development of WEEE (Waste electrical and electronic equipment) recycle
-The amount and value of recycled products  from 2012 to 2018
-Overview of recycling routes from home and corporates
-Intermediaries in recycling routes
-Transactions between intermediaries
-Transactions between intermediaries
-Formal and informal routes
-Comparison between formal routes and informal routes
-Recycling route from self-employed vendors to informal dismantling companies
-Distribution of disposal capacity in China
-Introduction of WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment ) treatment fund
-Levy standard for producers and importers in WEEE treatment fund
-Subsidy standard for processing companies equipment in WEEE treatment fund
-Simplified mechanism of WEEE treatment fund
-Issues: Problems with WEET treatment fund
-Issues: Low recycling rate
- Issues: Formal channel takes less portion
-Mitigation for issues
-Simplified operating mechanism of Subsidy Policy from 2009 to 2011: Trade-in policy
-Subsidy standards for consumers and dismantling companies in former Trade-in Policy
-Subsidy standards for recycle companies in former Trade-in policy
-New business : Aihuishou
-Online transaction route with App of Aihuishou
-Four channels and testing app of Aihuishou
-Strategic actions by Aihuishou
Part 3 Recycle of power battery  
-Overview of recycling methods of power batteries
-Power battery recycling scale
-Relieve dependence on imported raw materials
-Cascade utilization
-Timeline of policies
-Industry standards and interim measures (2019 version)
-Recycling service network construction and operation guide
-Issues: small current recycling market and lack of policy incentives
-Issues: cascade technical defects and mitigations
-China Tower: introduction and cascade recycle overview
-China Tower: Cascade recycle business
-GEM: introduction
-GEM: Waste battery recycling industrial chain
-GEM: WEEE material recycle industrial chain
Part 4 Recycle of life waste  
-Timeline of major life waste classification policies in China
-Overview of Central Government Policies Categorized According to Life Waste Industrial Chain
-The Chinese government's gradual improvement for life waste classification policy
-Domestic life waste treatment capacity
-Domestic life waste treatment percentage
-National life waste classification standard
-Distribution map of key cities for life waste classification
-Life waste classification in Shanghai
-Shanghai domestic waste management process
-Shanghai’s Informal Life Waste Collection Network
-Optimization of  life waste disposal system in Shanghai
-Waste disposal in Beijing
-Beijing‘s waste disposal and treatment relies heavily on landfills
-Comparison of the waste classification in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan
-Structural flaws in waste disposal in China
-Issues: lack of effective policies to control and reduce garbage generation
-WELLE: Introduction
-WELLE: Possess mainstream wet waste disposal technology EMBT
-WELLE: Leading enterprise in leachate treatment industry
-Xiandou Recycling: Introduction
-Xiandou Recycling: Waste paper recycling market

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