Energy Conservation Policies in China

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【Energy Conservation Policies in China】


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Report contents: 

We have released an analysis report of energy conservation-related policies in China.It includes the specific policies related to CHP and green building as well as certificates of energy efficiency and online monitoring system.

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Table of Contents
Part 1 Energy Conservation Policies in China 
-Three development phases: phase I
-Three development phases: phase II
-Three development phases: phase III
-Energy conservation law of the People's Republic of China
-The 11th five-year plan (2006-2010)
-The 12th five-year plan (2011-2015)
-The 13th five-year plan (2016-2020)
-Energy consumption quota by sector
-13th five-year plan for developing the energy-saving and environmental protection industries
-Measures for the administration of industrial energy conservation
-Action plan for industrial energy conservation and green standardization (2017-2019)
-Medium-term and long-term planning outline of highway and waterway transport energy conservation
-Energy conservation regulation for public institutions
-Measures for the administration of energy conservation of key energy-consuming entities
-Energy conservation industry value chain
Part 2 Statistics about energy conservation  
-Energy intensity reduction in every five year
-Domestic energy supply by sources
-Energy consumption by sectors
-Energy consumption quota by province
-Energy-conservation & environmental protection expenditure
-Energy-conservation & environment protection output value
-Energy-conservation project investment
Part 3 Subsidy for energy conservation in China  
Part 4 Certificates of energy efficiency in China  
-China Energy Efficiency Label
-Energy Conservation Certification
-Energy Efficiency Leader
-Energy Efficiency Leader: end-use energy-consuming products
-Energy Efficiency Leader: high energy-consuming industry
-Energy Efficiency Leader: public institution
-Comparison & relationship among three certificates
-Comparison between Energy Efficiency Leader and Japanese top runner system
Part 5 Online Monitoring System in China  
-Basic Information & Mechanism
-Importance: online monitoring mentioned in various policies
-Application in key energy consuming entities: from trial projects to nationwide roll-out
-Application in public institutions: Shanghai Energy Consumption Monitoring Center for Public Institutions
-Technical aspects
-SUPCON sample project: Zhejiang Intelligent Energy Monitoring Platform (浙江省智慧能源服务平台)
-SUPCON sample project
Part 6 Co-generation in China 
-Major laws and regulations
-Key technologies on supply side: CHP & CCHP
-Comparison of three five-year plans in terms of targets and strategies
-Comparison of three specialized regulations for industry CHP
-Simplified administration mechanism for industry CHP projects
-Government supports for industry CHP projects
-Subsidies: Binary Feed-In-Tariff (FIT)
-Additional subsidies for industry CHP projects
-Other government supports for industry CHP projects: Public-Private Partnership (PPP)
-Public-Private Partnership (PPP): simplified mechanism
-PPP case: clean energy CHP projects
-Government supports for distributed co-generation projects: natural gas
-Government supports for distributed co-generation projects: solar power
-CHP & CCHP: key players and co-generation projects
-CHP & CCHP: key players and co-generation projects
-CHP case: natural-gas CHP project in Rongcheng, Shandong
-CCHP case: SPIC’s natural-gas CCHP project in Lisha Island,  Guangzhou
-Key technology on demand side: heat pump
-Heat pump: key players
-Heat pump case: rural heating coal-to-electricity PPP project in Changping, Beijing
-Air-source heat pump: domestic sales amount by three applications
-Air-source heat pump: regional market share
-CHP & CCHP & Heat Pump: industry associations
-New Technology Trends: PEMFC & SOFC
-PEMFC & SOFC: key players
Part 7 Building Energy Conservation in China  
-Policy development of building energy conservation
-The 11th five-year period (2006-2010)
-The 12th five-year period (2011-2015)
-The 13th five-year period (2016-2020)
-Simplified administration mechanism
-Energy efficiency standard for residential buildings
-Green buildings: introduction
-Green buildings: national evaluation standards
-Green building certifications
-Green building certifications: green performance levels
-Distribution of green building project
-Green building case: Shanghai Tower

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