Business Layout of Overseas Players in Hydrogen Energy Market in China (2021)

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【Business Layout of Overseas Players in Hydrogen Energy Market in China (2021) 】


Deliverable: Industry report PDF (136 pages) 

Report contents: 

We released an analysis report of overseas companies' strategies in the Chinese hydrogen and fuel cell industry, which covers the leading companies that deal with fuel cell for automotive and stationary application, air compressor, on board vehicle hydrogen cylinder, hydrogen supplier etc.
The contents include in depth analysis of the current and future business layout of major overseas players in China hydrogen industry as well as each player's general introduction, product information, key milestone activities in hydrogen industry in China, analysis of the business model, revenue structure,  as well as partnership ecosystem etc.
The data for each company includes overview such as a year of establishment, address of their headquarters, their registered capital, revenue, executive board, number of employees, major shareholders, contact information and web site, complete set of product information, as well as value chain information which include their product component supplier, customer, strategic partner etc.

Overseas companies: Ballard Power Systems, Maximator, NedStack, PDC, Hexagon, Air Liquide, Air Product, Linde.

Survey period: From June 2020~Jan 2021


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Table of Contents
Ballard Power Systems in China
-Product Specification
-Global Business Snapshot
-Revenue Structure in China
-Revenue Analysis
-Highlights in China
-Strategy in China
-Maintain core competence of MEA
-Continuous revenue streams
-Market position towards heavy-duty applications
-Business Model in China
-Value Chain in China
-Partnership with Weichai Power, Strategy
-Partnership with Sinosynergy, Strategy
-Partnership with Refire, Strategy
-Partnership with Broad-Ocean , Strategy
Maximator in China 
-Business model
-Partnership ecosystem in China
-Key milestones in China: Early phase (2004-2010)
-Key milestones in China: Stagnate phase (2011-2015)
-Key milestones in China: Expansion phase (2016-)
-R&D in hydrogen testing equipment
-Maximator’s Expansion Strategy in China
Nedstack in China
-General Information
-Product Specification
-Global Key Milestones
-Key milestones in China
-Expansion Strategy  in China
-From Arnhem to Wuhan
-HyNed for Chinese market
-Strategic partner: HyMove
-Local partner: Dongfeng Motor
-Application of PEMFC for power generation in China
-Appendix: Maritime Application
PDC in China
-Diaphragm compressors specification
-Diaphragm compressor market share in China
-PDC business regions in China
-Partnership ecosystem in China
-Relevant policies and market growth driver
-Key milestones in China
-Expansion Strategy Analysis
Hexagon  in China
-Business portfolio and Revenue structure
-Major market segment in EU and North America
-Product application portfolio
-Leading the industry in tank manufacturing
-Global footprints from Europe and North America to Asia
-Partnership with CIMC Enric in China
-CIMC Enric’s footprint in China
-CIMC Enric’s business segment
Expansion Strategy Analysis
Air Liquide in China 
-Leadership in the field of hydrogen energy
-Global business initiatives
-Key milestones in China
-Current strategy in China
-Partnership ecosystem in China
-Joint Venture with Houpu
-Strategy with Air Liquide Houpu Hydrogen Equipment
-Local partner: STNE
-Local partner: Yankuang Group
-Local partner: Sinopec
-Impacts of the partnership with Sinopec on the current strategy
-Two hydrogen stations in Shanghai with Sinopec
-Partnership with Zotye Auto
-Partnership with Hydrogenics
-Opportunities with Cummins
Air Product in China 
-Leadership in the field of hydrogen energy
-Global business initiatives
-Key milestones in China
-Current strategy in China
-Partnership ecosystem in China
-Future expansion strategy of Air Products
-Local partners: Fullcryo
-Strategy with Fullcryo
-Local partners: Weichai Power
-Strategy with Weichai Power
-Local partners: China Energy
-Strategy with China Energy
-Byproduct hydrogen project in Zhejiang
Linde in China 
-Leadership in the field of hydrogen energy
-Global business initiatives
-Key milestones in China
-Current strategy in China
-Current strategy along with local hydrogen government policy
-Partnership ecosystem in China
-Joint Venture with Sunwise and E-drive
-Local partners: Sunwise
-Local partners: Shanghai E-drive
-Local partners: SAIC
-Strategy with local players in Shanghai
-Local partners: Baowu Steel Group
-Strategy with Baowu
-Local partners: Great Wall Motor
-Local partners: SPIC
-Contribution of partnership with ITM Power to China’s Power to Gas market
-Strategy with SPIC