Subsidy Policy Analysis “Notice on the Development of Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Applications”

20200923 Subsidy Policy Analysis 2
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Subsidy Policy Analysis “Notice on the Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Applications” 

Deliverable: Industry report PDF (7 pages)

We issued summary report of the latest government subsidy policy regarding China hydrogen and fuel cell vehicles, “Notice on the Development of Fuel Cell Vehicle Demonstration Applications”, which was announced in September, 2020.


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Table of Contents
General Information
Key Area
-Fuel cell vehicle industrial chain
-Fuel cell vehicle demonstration applications
-Economical business operation
Goals for City Clusters
-Basic requirements for application
-Goals to be achieved during demonstration
Evaluation Criteria and Rewards
-For fuel cell vehicle promotion
-For hydrogen supply chain
Summary of Rewards
-Maximum rewards for single vehicle
-Maximum rewards for single city cluste