Smart Grid in China

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【Smart Grid in China


Deliverable: Industry report PDF (about 21 pages) 

Report contents: Overview of Smart Grid system, policy trend, and its latest market/technology trend in China

Date of issue: Jun 15th 2020


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Table of Contents
- Introduction   
- Smart grid vision  
- Background: curtailed power from renewable energy   
- Three development phases by 2020   
- Simplified administration mechanism   
- Key national policies during the periods of 12th & 13th five-year plan (2011-2020)   
- R&D Comparisons between 12th and 13th five-year plans   
- UHV power transmission network development layout   
- Comparisons of two national plans for power distribution networks   
- Smart electricity meter: introduction   
- Smart electricity meter: national standards   
- Smart electricity meter: State Grid & China Southern Power Grid are market drivers   
- Smart electricity meter: key players   
- Big Data and AI for Smart Grid   
- State Grid App: SGCC Online (网上国网)   
- Smart grid demo project: Beijing Winter Olympic Games 2022  
- UHV is a key solution to power curtailment and can be a partner of hydrogen transportation / storage