Import/Export Business

■Import/export business
We import or export new-energy or energy-conservation-related products between China and other foreign countries. Since our companies have import and export funcitions in both China and Japan, our support not only covers the research to facilitate market entry and matching service with partner companies but also includes import/export and sales business to or from China temporarily or as an agent. 
Case 1
Support import and sales of solar panels, storage battery, and hydrogen fuel cell to Japan 
We have received a request from a company that develops lithium ion battery, a fuel cell, and a solar cell and that is a subsidiary of a Chinese aerospace agency. We import and sell these products in Japan.
The solar panel is made of silicon, and is developed by privatizing the aerospace technology in China. 
The conversion efficiency of this photovoltaic is quivalent to or higher than 18% (under AM 1.5 condition), which is the highest level in China currently. The price of a single crystal of the product is 2.7 RMB, which is reasonable. Additionally, it is possible to provide a power conditioner, a power generation monitor, a remote control cable, and an installation stand as well as a photovotaic panel.

<Product properties> 
Module conversion efficiency: single crystal 17.5-18.6%, polycrystalline16.2-17.3% (Laboratory measuraments(AM1.5))
Type: Single crystal, polycrystalline silicon substrate
Output: 265 - 360 W 
Size (mm): 1640 x 992 x 35mm, 1956 x 992 x 40mm
Weight (kg): 18.5kg, 22.5kg
You can download the product catalog by clicking the diagram below.
Case 2
Import and sales support of insulated vacuume glass made in Qingdao, China
▪︎ Insulated vacuum galass sales website (Japanese website)
This insulated vacuum glass has been frequently used in "Passive house", which meets the highly adiabatic building standard in Germany ( Germany is famous for its high-class energy saving standards in the world). The glass has entered Japan for the first time with our support. 
Case 3
Import and sales support of sash for heat insulating window made in Qingdao, China
We also handle "insulated window sash for passive house" for users who want to make high insulation with the sash. This sash has passed a strict passive house insulation standard and has been certified as a passive house component from the German Passive House Institute (PHI). By combining with the vacuum insulation glass stated above, the heat flow rate reaches 0.59W/㎡・K).