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We offers solutions such as matching with Chinese companies that are potential partners in entering China, new business and sales channel development, business plan formulation, and commercialization of reserch themes. 
Business advisory services
We provede advisory services for companies outside of China mainland on new energy business in China. The following is an example of our services, but it can be customised according to clients' needs.
Examples of advisory services
・Advisory on business model from market and technical perspectives.
・Advisory on business partner candidate selection
・Introduction of a business partner candidate
・Interviews with potential business partners
・Advisory and market reasearch of China's new energy industry
・Other specific business related to Chinese business
※The scope of an advisory will be specified in advance (e.g. hydrogen-related business).
Case examples
・Business support about a hydrogen-supply-chain-related business in China for a major Japanese trading company
・Due diligence in specific areas in the industry
Evaluation and introduction of Chinese business partners
・Business support about a Chinese stationary-hydrogen-fuel-cell-related business for a major Japanese manufacturer
・Provision of information about trends in government policy and administration, about trends and status of Chinese companies, and about competitors.
These services are provided as a standard advisory contract for 12 hours/month, with a unit price of $230/hour (=$2,760/month excluding tax and bank transfer fee). Monthly service hours can be adjusted on request (hourly fee can be negotiated in some cases). 
We are willing to accept offer of lectures and seminars for the purposes of acquisition of knowledge about China's new energy industry in order to consider entering China.
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