Commissioned Research

Commissioned Research

Integral 's research documents are tailor-made by our specialized researchers according to the requirements of each client
Commissioned Research
Integral 's research documents are tailor-made by our specialized researchers according to the requirements of each client.
Consequently, it is possible to obtain unique information for your company; you can find valuable market research information to give you and your company an edge. We excels at surveys in China in the following areas – each one has a proven track record.
New Energy
・Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle(FCEV)industry
・Hydrogen energy industry (hydrogen production/storage/transportation, hydrogen detection/inspection, hydrogen stations, household/industrial CHP, etc.)
・Electric Vehicle (EV) industry
・EV power battery / storage battery market (lithium-ion batteries, all-solid-state batteries, next-generation batteries [redox flow batteries])
・Wind power generation industry (onshore/offshore wind power generation)
・Solar power industry (central, distributed solar power)
・Other RE / clean energy industry (hydropower, biomass power generation, biofuel, nuclear power, geothermal)
・RE power generation equipment, material-related markets
・New materials (bioplastics, low-emission building materials, heat insulating materials)
・Non-fossil certificate trading market (Green Certificate, I-REC, TIGR)
・Carbon credit market (Carbon Emission Trading, CCER)
・Carbon Auditing
・Power Industry (Green Electricity Trading market, PPA)
・General carbon neutrality area (trends in decarbonization efforts in the steel industry and chemical industry).
Digitalization & Energy
・Cloud services and applications in new energy fields, BaaS, SaaS
・Smart grid related technology, V2G, VPP, Demand Response
・Digital application in new energy fields such as blockchain, AI, and big data
・5G, 6G next-generation communication technology
・Energy saving (EMS etc.), FEMS (green factory etc.), BEMS (green building)
・Battery recycling, cascade reuse, cloud asset management technology
・Battery diagnostic technology
In addition, please feel free to contact us from our website as we may be able to respond to requests other than what is mentioned above.
About our Achievements
 In September 2017, Integral was established in Shanghai. We have consistently provided research and business support consulting services in the areas of new energy, decarbonization, and energy & digital technology in China. Our strength lies in our deep understanding, insights and networks of the industry that we have accumulated through our in-depth research activities. Through these high expertise, our mission is to provide solutions to our customers' business challenges in China. We provide total support from preliminary industry surveys and post-research business planning to business execution (For consulting service, click here). We provide customized survey/advisory services to our clients with specific aims such as market-entry, business expansion, technology tie-ups, establishing supply chain, capital investment, and much more. Following cases are examples of our achievements.
Case 1
Survey scope: latest trends in China's (and world's) hydrogen and fuel cell industry, the industry macro information, government policy initiatives, players in the market, introduction of new technologies, cost analysis on fuel cell, trends in representative private companies.
Deliverables: Industry survey report ppt (about 100 pages), word, excel
Duration: 4 months
Case 2
Survey scope: Market survey on China EV motorcycle market, EV charging stations, Last Mile Delivery market, including market macro information, latest trends in related policies and industry standards, evaluation of corporate strategies of charging station operating companies in terms of business model, target market, and business expansion strategy analysis, etc.
Deliverables: Industry survey report ppt (about 70 pages)
Duration: 1 month
Case 3
Survey scope: Survey of corporate responding to government policies (central and regional) of major lithium-ion power manufacturers in China, the list of National Key Projects (R&D projects) regarding Lithium-ion power battery, and survey of R&D key people.
Deliverables: Industry survey report ppt (about 60 pages)
Duration: 1 month
Case 4
Survey scope: Market survey on decarbonization efforts and development trends of decarbonization technology in the Chinese steel industry.
Deliverables: Industry survey report ppt (about 60 pages)
Duration: 2 months
Case 5
Survey scope: Market survey of China's green electricity trading market and carbon credit trading market
Deliverables: Industry survey report ppt (about 30 pages)
Duration: 1month


Major clients

So far most of our clients are strategic department and business development units in MNCs, government agencies, and think-tanks.

Service Fee

For quotation of the service fee, please contact us by email (

Support flow


< STEP1: Contact us by phone or email>
After a client provides an overview of the research content, period and method, we will estimate the research cost. This consultation regarding the research is free of charge.
< STEP2: Create a survey proposal >
We will discuss the components of the deliverables with our clients, to clarify the research proposal, content, hypothesis and its delivery in the form of WORD or PPT.
< STEP3: Start the survey >
First, we conduct a secondary research to obtain macro information such as statistical data and create graphs and diagrams accordingly. Depending on the survey design, we also conduct field research at exhibitions and primary research such as interviews with companies and experts. The survey report is updated and submitted from time to time, and the contents of the survey are confirmed, corrected and requested via telephone or video conference once a week.
< STEP4: Deliver a completed survey report>
After delivery of the deliverables and confirmation of the contents, you are charged for the research request.
< STEP5: After-sales support before and after entering China>
Upon completion of the research, we will provide solutions such as matching with Chinese companies that are potential partners, as well as new business and market development, business planning, and commercialization of research themes upon request. Additionally, we will support work needed when starting preparations for specific expansion. We can provide a wide range of support such as for company registration, office search, trade operations, and accounting.