Latest Trends in Chinese Offshore Wind Power in 2017

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【Latest Trends in Chinese Offshore Wind Power in 2017 】


Deliverable: Industry report pdf (46 pages) 

Report contents: Develompent situation of wind power in China, expansion of offshore wind power in China, government policy and other initiatives by private sectors to reduce costs.

Survey period: From May to June, 2018


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Table of Contents
Part 1. China's wind power development situation at Present
-Global wind power development
-China's wind power develpment
-China's cumulative and newly installed wind power capacity
-Investors (Developers)
-Turbine suppliers
-China's wind turbine export
-Global Wind Power turbine supplier market share in 2017
-13th Five-Year plan for wind power development
-Chinese government target of wind power at the end of 2020
-Target cumulative onshore wind capacity for each provinces at the end of 2020 (set by Central government)
-Innovation action plan for energy technology revolution 2016-2030
-China Government action against wind curtailment problem
-Supply Side
-Demand Side
Part 2. Latest trends of China's offshore wind power development
-Global Offshore Wind Power Development
-China's Offshore Wind Power Development
-Offshore Wind farm projects in China
-Global Wind Power turbine supplier market share in 2017
-China's WInd Power turbine supplier market share in 2017
-13th Five-Year plan for offshore wind power development
-Wind Power FIT and other power electricity prices
-Offshore wind power development in JIangsu, Fujian, and Guangdong provinces
-Offshore wind power development plan in Guangdong province
-Construction of the first provincial offshore wind big data center platform in China, Guangdong Province
Part 3. Cost reduction actions and development of new foundation from in China's offshore wind power
-China's challenges for further development of offshore wind power
-Cost analysis of offshore wind power installation project
-Improving the efficiency of the fan and obtaining better wind energy resources
-Development of new new foundation form and installation method
  -Typhoon resistant wind turbine
  -Floating offshore wind
  -High-rise pile cap
  -Complex Bucket foundation
-Intelligent wind turbine, application of IoT and Big data
-Latest movement of Chinese developers to expand offshore wind power area