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    Stepping into the logistics market: initial progress of FC heavy-duty trucks demonstration in China
     classification:Hydrogen Energy 

    1. Starting in 2024, the construction of hydrogen refueling stations on highways will speed up. As a result, more heavy-duty trucks powered by fuel cells may be put into operation for long-haul logistics.
    2. Many 12~18-ton FC heavy-duty trucks have started the cross-province demonstrat...

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    Insights Beyond the Headlines: Exploring Green Hydrogen's Economic Realities and the Promising Horizon of Green Ammonia in China
     classification:Hydrogen Energy 

    1. The operational challenges faced by Sinopec's Kuqa project have raised concerns about the economic feasibility of large-scale green hydrogen initiatives in China. Projections from INTEGRAL indicate a growing cost competitiveness for green hydrogen, with potential breakeven between gre...

  • How China’s Hydrogen Industry Benefit from Regulatory Flexibility on Hydrogen Production?
     classification:Hydrogen Energy 

    1. The notable expansion of FCEVs highlights a challenge related to the scarcity of hydrogen supply. In China, this issue stems from the shortages of national regulations, which makes hydrogen refueling station (HRS) operators to bear the costs associated with transporting hydrogen from ...

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    Twilight in the Nuclear Fusion Industry: Rise of Private Companies in China
     classification:Decarbonization Others 

    In the recent years, there have been more fusion activities than ever, and not just in the government/national research labs. There is also an emerging private fusion industry that attracted billions of dollars in capitals. Investment in the global fusion industry has now reached a cumul...

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    The CCUS Hub: An Essential Business Model to Reach Carbon Neutrality in China

    1. With the number of CCUS demo projects increasing in China, oil companies take the majority of demo projects now, taking the sole operator role under vertically integrated CCUS mode. It is expected that value chains will be broken down and allocated to various kinds of market participa...

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    Swapping Station in China: A Better Energy-Refilling Solution for Electric Truck?
     classification:Digitalization & Energy EV Power Industry 

    1. In China, heavy-duty electric trucks are in the momentum mainly due to the high transport efficiency over charging electric trucks, which drives the demand for more swapping stations.
    2. The swapping station is considered the preferred solution for heavy-duty e-trucks and has the adv...

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    Supply Chain Challenge in China’s Offshore Wind: The Vessel Shortage
     classification:Decarbonization Digitalization & Energy Power Industry Wind Power 

    1. The primary challenge is still the supply chain pressure. Vessel as an important part of the offshore wind supply chain significantly matters to project completion.
    2. There is a shortage of vessels in China and will get worse when the Chinese turbine size continues to increase, and ...

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    China's Offshore Wind Turbine Manufacturers Pioneering the Global Market: What Does it Mean for the Rest of the World?
     classification:Wind Power 

    1. China has secured its leading position within the offshore wind energy sector, displaying consistent growth in recent years. This sustained progress persists even with the cessation of China's "feed-in-tariff" premium for wind energy in 2021, signifying a shift from subsidy-dependent ...