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    Supply Chain Challenge in China’s Offshore Wind: The Vessel Shortage
     classification:Decarbonization Digitalization & Energy Power Industry Wind Power 

    1. The primary challenge is still the supply chain pressure. Vessel as an important part of the offshore wind supply chain significantly matters to project completion.
    2. There is a shortage of vessels in China and will get worse when the Chinese turbine size continues to increase, and ...

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    China's Offshore Wind Turbine Manufacturers Pioneering the Global Market: What Does it Mean for the Rest of the World?
     classification:Wind Power 

    1. China has secured its leading position within the offshore wind energy sector, displaying consistent growth in recent years. This sustained progress persists even with the cessation of China's "feed-in-tariff" premium for wind energy in 2021, signifying a shift from subsidy-dependent ...

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    Navigating climate disclosures in China -- An in-depth comparison of Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions reporting criteria between CDP and China’s national ETS
     classification:Decarbonization Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    1. Scope 1 emissions reporting: Compared with China’s national ETS, CDP requires a lower level of emission breakdown. Emission data collected for CDP could provide a reference for China’s ETS reporting, but it cannot be directly copied.
    2. Scope 2 emissions reporting: Both location-bas...

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    VPP (Virtual Power Plant): Growing as China’s Energy Market
     classification:Digitalization & Energy Power Industry 

    1. China’s VPP construction, in which most of VPPs are invitation type, falls behind world’s advanced energy markets, exposing market opportunities for experienced VPP players. Chinese VPP market size is expected to exceed RMB 30 bn in 2025.
    2. The load modulation market leads to good ...

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    China’s Path to Green Steel: Varies Technologies Can Have a Chance

    1. International policies such as CBAM and US’s Global Agreement with the EU will further accelerate a low-carbon transition for China’s steel export business. Although the immediate impact is low now, steel exporters better pay close attention to its long-term impact.
    2. Three main op...

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    Enter the Chinese EMS Market as an ESCO with technical advantages
     classification:Decarbonization Digitalization & Energy 

    1. Carbon neutral and energy conservation-related policies, cost reduction needs, and also social drivers have been driving the EMS installation in China. The Chinese EMS market is quite promising with a total market size of around $9.57 billion in 2022 and a CAGR of 19.5% from 2020 to 2...

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    FCEV Model City-Cluster Project in China : Progress after 1st year of Demonstration
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    Although there were various obstacles encountered in the first year of FCEV Model City-Cluster demonstration, more and more players having been entering the industry from the upstream green hydrogen production to downstream start-up FCEV OEM. Benefiting from the continuous introduction of various ec...

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    Unlocking the Potentials of Hydrogen Credits: See How Chinese Companies are Leading the Change in Bringing Hydrogen to Carbon Trading
     classification:Decarbonization Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    【In brief】
    - Two Chinese hydrogen projects, one renewable hydrogen production project, and one hydrogen fuel cell logistic truck project are seeking CDM crediting to issue international carbon credits. Another hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle project is up for CCER issuance at home.
    - Hydroge...