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    Policy Landscape and Industry Prospects of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Cogeneration Technologies in China
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    In March 2020, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST) for the first time proposed fuel cell cogeneration as one of the key hydrogen-energy technologies. The MOST policy points out technological advancement directions for hydrogen fuel cell applications, which indicates a promising start to FC cog...

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    Overview of Hydrogen Storage Technology in China

    From the cost perspective, this article mainly analyzes the economics of hydrogen transportation for gaseous and liquid hydrogen in China

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    Analysis of Hydrogen Transportation Cost in China

    Hydrogen refueling station is a very critical part of the hydrogen energy strategy. With its hydrogen fuel reserve radiating the surrounding areas, FC vehicles can replenish energy in time. The technologies of hydrogen production, storage and transportation, etc. will all affect whether the hydrogen...

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    China will have more than 29.8 million FCEVs on the road by 2050

    What scale could fuel-cell vehicle reach and what would be the major driver of growth? Most optimistically, if China manages to transform into a zero-emission economy, the amount of FCEV could reach to 104 million while phasing out all the ICE vehicles by 2050. A more realistic situation is that the...

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    Eco-China: How Carbon Emission Trade Nurtures Low-carbon Economy

    Recently, the emerging carbon market in China has gradually gained its popularity in private sector. Alibaba Group, the China’s largest IT giant, has been paving the way to carbon emission trade since 2016. As the Chinese national market is about to operate since 2020, what opportunities and challen...

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    Smart Grid, A Game Changer
     classification:Power Industry 

    On July 21, China’s largest-scale smart grid project was launched in Qingdao, Shandong. A world with smart grid is approaching, but how is it going to turn over the game of power industry? In this article, we are talking about the emerging smart grid and China’s roadmap in reshaping the energy world...

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    Power Battery Manufactures -- Part 1

    As the market concentration continue to increase, enterprises should build its own competitive advantages so as not to be eliminated out of the market. These strengths could come in various aspects, outstanding product quality such as high energy density or product safety, effective cost control whi...

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    Key Insights on China’s Policies on Developing New Energy Vehicles

    In this article, we would investigate and summarize policies from both central and local levels and try to understand the characteristics and hidden insights of these policies. Apart from central policies that gave thorough guiding and instructions, local policies are found also greatly influence th...