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    The Awakening of Energy Storage Deployment in China
     classification:Energy storage Power Industry Solar Power Wind Power 

    Energy storage is highly complementary for the large-scale deployment of renewable sectors and is commonly regarded as the missing link between intermittent renewable power and 24/7 reliability. It can mitigate the issues of fluctuated production of renewable energy, meanwhile providing power source...

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    Sparking a Second Life of Power Battery PART 3. Technical Aspects of Battery Reuse in China
     classification:Battery EV 

    The reuse of power batteries is one link in the new energy vehicle industry chain that of high importance yet meanwhile with the highest environmental risk and the most urgent need for technological progress. Technological issues are one of the important factors affecting the promotion of battery re...

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    Sparking a Second Life of Power Battery PART 2. Political Aspects of Battery Reuse in China
     classification:Battery EV 

    As the reuse of retired power battery is still in the early stage of the industry, in policy-driven China when the market and industrial chain are not complete, the guidance and support from government is especially crucial. This article thus tries to discuss what are current policies that related t...

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    Hyundai’s Fuel Cell Strategies in China
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    In the last article, we discussed the FC strategies of Toyota. This time, we will look into the FC strategies of another giant in China, Hyundai. Unlike Toyota which has been actively seeking local SIs and OEMs as strategic partners, Hyundai took a completely different approach by setting up its own...

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    Toyota’s Fuel Cell Strategies in China
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    Toyota has been selling FC passenger vehicles in North America and Europe since 2015. But when they entered the Chinese market, they chose to focus on promoting FC commercial vehicles. Compared to the western market, there is no doubt that China indeed owns a larger market share of commercial vehicl...

  • 6g graphic_Credit berya113 Getty Images
    Ubiquitous 6G: China Already Head Start?
     classification:Digitalization & Energy 

    This article looks into 6G research and development with a focus on China's 6G status quo.

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    Blockchain – Game Changer in Energy Industry
     classification:Decarbonization Digitalization & Energy 

    Here, we first explain why cryptocurrency, unlike blockchain, is banned from an energy perspective, and then identify business opportunities for blockchain in the energy industry.

  • blockchain-BSN
    Without Cryptocurrency, Where to Go for China's Blockchain? – Infrastructure, Major Players and Use Cases
     classification:Digitalization & Energy 

    1. China has banned cryptocurrencies but the blockchain infrastructure deployment is on a raging fire, featured with national project Blockchain Service Network (BSN).
    2. As the biggest consortium blockchain, China’s BSN is eyeing a worldwide range of blockchain applications, indicating its ambitio...