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  • Passengers on Bus 919 (adapted from the intercity bus)
    Status of 1st Year Model City-cluster Project
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    Update of the current status of FCEV Model City-cluster Project after 2022

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    Unlocking the Potentials of Hydrogen Credits: See How Chinese Companies are Leading the Change in Bringing Hydrogen to Carbon Trading
     classification:Decarbonization Fuel Cell Hydrogen supply chain 

    【In brief】

    - Two Chinese hydrogen projects, one renewable hydrogen production project, and one hydrogen fuel cell logistic truck project are seeking CDM crediting to issue international carbon credits. Another hydrogen fuel cell commercial vehicle project is up for CCER issuance at home.

    - Hy...

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    CCUS in China: Unlocking the Potential Opportunities of Carbon Utilization and Storage

    1. To achieve carbon neutrality, CCUS decarbonization technology will be necessary for hard-to-abate sectors such as cement, steel etc. For instance, in the cement sector, the replacement of green electricity and green fuels could only cut 40% of emissions. The rest 60% cut might only be...

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    China's Emissions Trading: The Opportunities Ahead

    In brief:
    1. Although financial investors both home and abroad are temporarily excluded from the national ETS, it is likely that they will be introduced in the near term.
    2. Once financial investors are involved and derivative products are adopted, the national carbon market could grow further an...

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    China’s Renewable Energy: Offshore Wind Takes Off, What Does the Future Hold?
     classification:Decarbonization Digitalization & Energy Power Industry Wind Power 

    1. Renewable energy mismatch in China has raised concerns over the coastal region’s carbon neutrality progress, offshore wind could be one solution.
    2. Although the dramatic surge of offshore wind in 2021 was mostly due to the cancellation of national subsidies, there are several reaso...

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    China's Green Electricity Pilot Trade In a Nutshell
     classification:Decarbonization Power Industry 

    1. To further boost renewable energy development and reduce carbon emissions, China’s green electricity pilot trade program was launched in Sep. 2021 by the National Development and Reform Commission, the country’s top economic regulator.
    2.Previously under the conventional mid-to-long ...

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    FCEV Operators in Logistics Industry in China
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    The FCEV logistics operation business in China emerged in 2017, with the establishment of STNE and its astonishing news of immediately deploying 500 Dongfeng FC light-duty trucks in Shanghai. This article will explore the current situation and business model of the 3 major FCEV operators in China.

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    China’s Demand Response in Action
     classification:Digitalization & Energy Power Industry 

    1. To realize carbon neutrality and maintain a sustainable green economy, China will use more renewable-energy power and further marketize the power industry. Under this background, the government has eyed managing demand-side resources, instead of heavily exploiting fossil-based resourc...