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Integral publishes the latest industry trends in China's new energy and environmental fields, which have made remarkable progress, in a blog format.
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  • 6g graphic_Credit berya113 Getty Images
    Ubiquitous 6G: China Already Head Start?
     classification:Big Data, AI, Digital 

    This article looks into 6G research and development with a focus on China's 6G status quo.

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    Blockchain – Game Changer in Energy Industry
     classification:Big Data, AI, Digital Sustainability 

    Here, we first explain why cryptocurrency, unlike blockchain, is banned from an energy perspective, and then identify business opportunities for blockchain in the energy industry.

  • blockchain-BSN
    Without Cryptocurrency, Where to Go for China's Blockchain? – Infrastructure, Major Players and Use Cases
     classification:Big Data, AI, Digital 

    1. China has banned cryptocurrencies but the blockchain infrastructure deployment is on a raging fire, featured with national project Blockchain Service Network (BSN).
    2. As the biggest co...

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    Hydrogen Fuel Cell Heavy Trucking in China
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    Although hydrogen fuel cell is just starting to compete against batteries as a clean powertrain, its potential in heavy-duty segment is widely acknowledged in the industry. Triggered by subsidy polici...

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    5G in China: Alpha Position, Key Players and Opportunities from Energy Perspective
     classification:Big Data, AI, Digital Power Battery 

    This article focuses on China's 5G industry, covering its global status, major payers and future opportunities in the intersection with energy sector. 

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    Unveiling RE100 Roadmap: The Way to 100% Renewable Electricity in China
     classification:Power Industry Sustainability 

    Going ‘100% renewables’ will mark a key milestone for many industry leaders to drive the renewable energy transition and contribute to the shift to a low-carbon economy.
    This article aims to provide ...

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    Navigating opportunity in the China stationary fuel cell market
     classification:Fuel Cell Hydrogen 

    In 2020, Meijin Hydrogen Technology Park (also known as Hydrogen Energy Town) officially put into construction. Initiated by one of the largest coal producers in China—Meijin Energy—the Hydrogen Energ...

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    Sparking a Second Life of Power Battery PART 4. Economic Aspects of Battery Reuse
     classification:EV Power Battery 

    Although battery reuse makes sense to fully utilize batteries’ residual value and improve the environmental sustainability, there’s still a high degree of uncertainty about its economic feasibility in...