Integral Subscription membership terms  
These Market Report Sales Terms (hereinafter referred to as the “Terms”) defines the terms and conditions of the purchase of research reports, etc. handled by Integral Co., Ltd. (Chinese name: 上海恺枫商务咨询有限公司, hereinafter referred to as the “Company”).
Article 1 (Definition)
The definitions of terms used in this terms are as follows.
Term: Library, etc.
Definition: Refers to libraries, museums, industrial halls, etc. for the purpose of browsing to unspecified majority.
Term: Research reports, etc.
Definition: Products sold by the Company and refer to the following products.
1. Integral Subscription Membership Registration
2. PDF version of the research report <PDF Corporate (for corporate use)>
Article 2 (Price)
1. The prices - such as subscription membership registration fee - shall be as stated on our website or various information from our company.
2. Subscription membership registration fees, prices for research reports, etc. are subject to changed without notice.
Article 3 (Order)
1. In principle, customers shall order research reports etc. in accordance with the method prescribed by the Company. The ordering method is as follows:
a. Application from our homepage
b. Other application by our designated method
2. We may discontinue sales of some products without notice in our research reports.
Article 4 (Payment terms and sales contract)
1. The payment method for the market report etc. shall be by bank transfer. Customers must pay the bank transfer fee.
2. The payment time for bank transfer is as follows.
  • Subscription annual membership fee
The company switch a customer account to a subscription account. Trading between a customer and the company shall be concluded when the company switch to a subscription account after a customer order.
3. If the order from the company’s homepage does not reach the company due to malfunction of the communication environment etc., the contract will not be concluded. In this case, the company will not be liable for any damages the customer may have.
4. Even after the contract is concluded, if the customer's payment method is found to be inadequate or illegal, the Company may arbitrarily cancel the contract without any responsibility.
Article 5 (Copyright)
The company is the author of research reports, etc. The company shall possess all rights as the author, including the right to publish, the right to display the name, the right to maintain the identity, the right to reproduce, the right to transmit, the right to rent, the right to dictate, the right to translate, the right to transfer, etc.
1. In principle, reprints and citations of survey reports, etc. can be made only for the purchaser (or substantial user) inside the company. Reprints and citations to external publications, etc. are only possible if customers apply to the Company in advance and get consensus form the Company.
2. When reprinting or quoting, the re-printer / citer (hereinafter referred to as "user") shall clearly state the name of the Company, which is the copyright holder, and the name of the source of the references. In addition, if the user reprints or cites the contents of research reports, etc. in an external publication, the contents and expression form, etc. shall be inspected in advance by the Company, and the reprinted / cited publication shall be delivered to the company.
3. The Company is responsible solely for the original content of the reprinted / cited information, etc. If any problems arise as a result of the reprinted / cited information, the user is responsible for them.
4. The user shall confirm that he / she does not have the authority to permit the reprint / quotation of information to be reprinted / quoted to a third party. The User shall immediately notify the Company if he or she notices that a third party has reprinted or quoted the reprinted or quoted information.
Article 6 (Prohibition of transfer of rights and obligations)
Customers shall not transfer or dispose of them to any third party or set any security interest in any of the rights and obligations under these terms without the written consent of the company.
Article 7 (Restrictions)
1. In principle, subscription member registration and sales of research reports are limited to corporate customers. However, the company will not sell to customers that the company determines to be competitors, or to those who have problems with sales and use of research reports. In addition, the company sells to libraries and sales agents only within the range and conditions approved by the company.
2. The scope of use of research reports etc. is as follows.
Product type: Subscription annual membership registration <Free download of PDF Corporate (for corporate use)>
Usage range
  • Only Subscribed members who is subscribing the product (Subscribed members on the INTEGRAL website) can used it.
  • Subscribed members can access the sucscribed member-only database on the INTEGRAL website. Only the PDF version of Research Reports <PDF Corporate> specified below can be downloaded from the database.
Product type: PDF version research report <PDF Corporate (for corporate use)>
Usage range
  • It can be used among all the business units within the subscribing corporation that purchased it (or the actual user corporation when purchased through another corporation such as a group purchasing company). Subsidiary and parent companies are not included in principle.
  • If the usage range is within the above range, you can download and view the PDF version of the survey report on the shared network.
3. Duplication of research reports, etc. is prohibited in principle. However, for the PDF version of the survey report, duplication for backup (duplication or printing of files), printing (duplicating) only on the relevant page in order to confirm (or read) the contents of the description by the viewer himself/herself, and temporary file automatically created (duplicated) on the terminal when browsing PDF files are excluded.
4. Research reports are sold on the premise that they will be used directly by customers, so reselling or lending for the purpose of making profits for themselves or third parties is prohibited.
Article 8 (Disclaimer)
1. If the company does damage to customers by not fulfilling its obligations under these Terms and it is liable, the amount of compensation is limited to the amount paid by the customer to the company for the products that caused the damage directly.
2. In any case, the company has no liability for damage caused by events not attributable to the company, damage caused by special circumstances regardless of the company’s planning, and lost profits.
3. If customers incur damages because the company does not fulfil the obligations under these Terms due to its intentional or gross negligence, the provisions of the preceding two paragraphs shall not apply.
Article 9 (Governing law, Court of competent jurisdiction)
The governing law of the Terms shall be the laws of Japan, and any dispute between the customer and the company arising in connection with the Terms shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Tokyo District Court in the first instance.
Article 10 (Invalidity of Terms)
Even if the court determines that any provision of these Terms is invalid, illegal or inapplicable, there is no impact or hindrance to the validity, legality and applicability of the other provisions except for those provisions.
Article 11 (Changes and revisions of Terms)
The company can change or revise these Terms without prior notice to customers.
Supplementary provision: These terms and conditions apply from July 28, 2023.