Report Purchase / Subscription
Single Report Purchase
USD$5,000 (VAT incl.)
Please kindly mention the name of the report you want to download when contacting us.
Note 1: The report refers to PDF version of the research report <PDF (for corporate use)>
Note 2: The price of the single report has been applicable since October 10th 2023
Subscription Membership
USD$9,000 (VAT incl.)
Validation period: one year from the date on which the annual membership payment is confirmed.
Membership benefits:
・ Members can access and download all full version of reports in the INTEGRAL Database. The downloaded reports can be shared among all the business units within the subscribing corporation (For membership terms, please refer to Subscription Registration Terms.).
・ Members can access and download all reports that will be uploaded to the database in the future.
・ Access updated reports; members can view the regular updates to the most popular reports in the database.
・ Access to the membership content of INTEGRAL Hydropedia.
Note 1: The report refers to PDF version of the research report <PDF (for corporate use)>
Note 2: The price of membership has been applicable since February 1st 2023
How to apply for Subscription:
1. To apply for our subscription membership, please contact (Click Contact Us), and we will issue a quotation (of annual membership fee written above).
2. Payment can be realized via Bank transfer or Paypal (Click Pay via Paypal).  Once confirmed the purchase order, we will issue an official invoice to the subscribing unit. 
3. Once payment confirmed, you will receive access right to the Integral database by receiving subscription account for the subscribing unit. (or your existing account information will be updated to be subscribed status, at your needs)
Note 1: For payment via Paypal, if you would like a receipt (or invoice), please contact us (
With subscription status, click button "Download report" is displayd on the screen of each report product on the database, and you can download it from the button. The detail can be refered to our Subscription Registration Terms.
For more inforamtion please contact us.