By registering as an Integral VIP member, you will be able to download full version of PDF research reports (including those that will be updated in the future) on our database
For membership terms, please refer to VIP Membership Registration Terms.
INTEGRAL VIP Corporate Membership(For Enterprise License PDF)
  • Annual fee:USD $4,300 (VAT and foreign exchange fee included)* Payment with RMB is also accepted.
  • Period:Valid for one year from the date your account is created (the date on which the annual membership transfer is comfirmed).
  • Members benefits:
    ・ Access and download all reports in the database. The downloaded report can be shared among all the business units in the subscribing corporation (subsidiary and parent companies are not included in principle. However, if such organization is regarded as the same business unit in a broad sense, it will be possible to be shared)
    ・ Access and download all reports that will be uploaded to the database in the future.
    ・ The contents of existing popular reports in the database will be updated regularly.

    ・ Access to the VIP content of INTEGRAL Hydropedia.
Once payment transaction complete, the designated VIP account will be created (or your existing account information will be updated to VIP status, at your needs). With VIP status, click button "Download report" is desplayd on the screen of each report product on the database, and you can download it from the button. The detail can be refered to our VIP Membership Registration Terms.
Procedure to join our VIP membership 
1. Contact, and we will issue a quotation (of annual membership fee written above).
2. Confirm purchase order, and we will issue an official invoice to the subscribing unit.
3. Receive access right to the Integral database by receiving VIP account for the subscribing unit, once payment* by bank transfer confirmed
* Payment via PayPal is also accepted.
・  To apply for a VIP member, please contact us at the contact below.