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Go founded Integral while attending a CEIBS MBA, a business school in Shanghai. Before starting up Integral, he was engaged in R&D of functional chemicals at the world's largest chemical manufacturer, and then participated in the start ups in Hong Kong, responsible for business development of Japanese chemicals in overseas market.  To see interview from CEIBS with regard to his entreprenership journey in China, click here


Education Background
  • China Europe International Business School(CEIBS), Master of Business Administration(MBA) (Graduated in 2018)
  • Yokohama City University, Master of Chemistry (Graduated in 2009)
  • Yokohama City University, Bachelor of Chemistry (Graduated in 2007)
Work Experiences
  • Eisai (China):Business Development Manager at China Business Development Department
  • Participated in the launch of a new chemical trade business at a local startup company in Hong Kong.
  • BASF (Japan)
Japanese (Native), English (Fluent), Chinese (Fluent: HSK level 6)
Project Experiences
China hydrogen fuel cell business
  • At INTEGRAL, he leads research projects in the field of Chinese hydrogen industry, meanwhile he also serves as a business advisor for overseas companies to help their business development projects in hydrogen fuel cell industry. He has a track record of nemerous business development projects and market reseaches projects.
Chemicals Business
  •  As BASF, as an R&D engineer, engaged in the development of functional polymers for automobile coatings and the development of chemical catalyst technology.